What age group should my son tryout for?
Since the leagues we participate in are very competitive and most often grade based, we require players to participate in tryouts within their appropriate graduation group below. 

High School Divisions for 2021/2022
Graduation years 2022 (Fall Only), 2023, 2024, 2025


Youth Divisions 2021/2022

Graduation year 2025 - 9th Grade
Graduation year 2026 - 8th Grade
Graduation year 2027 - 7th Grade
Graduation year 2028 - 6th Grade
Graduation year 2029 - 5th Grade

Graduation year 2030 - 4th Grade
Graduation year 2031 - 3rd Grade
Graduation year 2032/U9 - 2nd Grade or U9 Age Group
U7 Scoopers - U7 Age Group

What are the expectations at tryouts?
We participate in highly competitive select lacrosse events, so our goal is to fill our teams with players who demonstrate strong fundamentals, the ability to stay focused during instruction and show strong potential,  and good athletic ability.  We look for players who demonstrate above-average skills in the following categories:

  • Attitude On and Off the Field
  • Stickwork
  • Footwork / Speed
  • Lacrosse IQ
  • Positioning - Specific Skills
  • Coachability 
  • Work Ethic
  • Commitment

If we are not available to make tryouts, are there any other tryouts dates?  
Cannons Select Lacrosse uses a rolling registration policy.  Players get injured or sometimes move out of the area during the year.  Our goal is to put the best team possible on the field and we continue to evaluate players as long as space is available on a team.  If you missed our tryout and would like to be considered for a Cannons team, please contact us ASAP at

How many teams will each age group field this upcoming season?
The goal of Cannons Select Lacrosse is to field one team per graduation year.  If the talent pool at our tryouts suggests we can field a second team at a graduation year and we are confident we can offer quality coaching for that team, we will consider a second team at a graduation year.  Final teams offered and breakdowns are determined after evaluations and are based on the quality of talent at our evaluations.  We will only field teams if we feel we have the talent to be competitive at the Select Lacrosse level. 

How many players are on a roster?
Rosters are flexible depending on the makeup of the team. Rosters on select teams are typically anywhere between 16-20 players.  

Do uniforms change each season?
Understanding the expense of the sport of lacrosse, we generally use a two-year uniform cycle. Jersey number priority is given to returning players.

What is the practice schedule?
Practice varies for each season and each age group.  Skills Sessions and more structured practices for fall tournaments begin in mid to late September or early October for all age groups except Scoopers and Chasers.  Practices are usually 1-2 times per week during the off-seasons.  Spring practices begin in February and continue 3-4 times per week through June or mid July depending on Summer Tournament schedules.

What about Cannons Summer Lacrosse?
Cannons teams play in summer tournaments.  Typically we choose one travel tournament in addition to our local selections.  Details are posted on the Cannons website as soon as available.

Other questions?
Feel free to direct other questions to one of our administrators at