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by posted 11/24/2020

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2024 HS Cannons Autumn Classic
by posted 11/21/2020

2024 HS Cannons,

         First game is at 9am tomorrow, please be ready for warm ups by 8:20.  Lets go Blue Jersey and Blue Shorts.

Lets finish the fall season strong!

Coach Dave

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***Autumn Classic Info MUST READ***
by posted 11/19/2020

Cannons 2024 -


Yesterday, you should have received an email from Aloha re the upcoming Autumn Classic this Sunday.  I won't repeat the entire message, but have reinforced a few highlights below.

I encourage everyone to take a deep, relaxing breath and focus on the incredible positive that our boys are still able to play!!!  They can get out on the lacrosse field while many other sports and events are being cancelled.  Please STAY POSITIVE and let's not focus on the inconvenience that we need to negotiate how to attach a facemask on the outside of our helmets without blocking vision.  We can do this!!!  If this is the hurdle we need to overcome to allow our boys to play, so be it.  

GAME TIMES ARE 9am, 10:40am and 12:20pm
at Sandhill Fields, Georgetown, DE


Due to the date and venue changes, it appears a number of teams have dropped out of the event and the brackets have been redesignated.  Our bracket is now D1 – Rising Stars Silver.


Responsible Return to Play Guidelines

There are a number of very strict guidelines that must be followed in order for this event to operate. These guidelines are out of the hands of our tournament hosts.  They are policies set forth by Governor Carey of Delaware (Delaware COVID Guidelines). Below are some of the mandates that have been issued to Aloha to be able to host the event.

The ability for Aloha to run this tournament is completely contingent upon all of us following these measures. The commitment is first and foremost to provide the safest playing environment for players possible and these protocols will support that goal.


  • Players, coaches and attendees are required to wear a mask throughout the entirety of the event.
  • Coaches are required to wear a mask throughout the duration of game play.
  • Players are required to wear a mask during gameplay per the DE Health Department and DE Facility. Masks can be worn over or under each players helmet. Please see example photos below if you choose the over the helmet option.  The third picture is one of our 2029’s that has made a shield using some clear tape.  I would suggest bringing a couple of masks in case you loose one or it gets damaged.



  • Must wear a face covering at all times while onsite and must adhere to 6-foot distancing as much as possible. Use the entire sideline and avoid gathering at the midfield line. When standing in lines for bathrooms, maintain social distance. Between games either return to your car or find an open area away from others.
  • We encourage families to limit the number of spectators to one per player.

Team Tents:

  • No team tents/congregating allowed onsite.
  • Parents are permitted to wait in cars onsite but tailgating or group gathering will not be permitted.
  • The above rules around spectators will be strictly enforced by DE Staff and Event Staff, no exceptions will be made.
  • Please remember – NO DRONES, SMOKING, PETS, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR GRILLS are allowed at any Aloha Tournaments event.  Please leave your pets at home.


All participants need to provide their own water, no sharing is permitted.
There will be NO ONSITE FOOD VENDING...We must pack food and drinks for the day.
No water refilling stations will be available.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Coach Dave


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