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by posted 01/04/2021

Cannons Players and Families,

This coming Sunday, January 10, we begin our Cannons 7v7 Winter League at The Calverton School Turf Field.  We are excited to offer this opportunity for our players to continue playing lacrosse during these unsettled times.  The safety of our players and families continues to be our highest priority.  Please read the information below outlining guidelines for participation in these Cannons events.                                    

Participation is 100% voluntary. Players or spectators who are not feeling well or cannot pass our COVID screening should not attend.  For game planning, players should inform their Head Coach asap if they cannot attend one of the sessions.

Game Format.  Games are 7v7 format with fields running side to side.  There are several rule adjustments due to size of field and number of players that will be reviewed with players prior to the first game.  Players should wear GAME UNIFORMS to these games.  Game schedules and team breakdowns will be available on Cannons Website Team Pages.

Players will be mixed across graduation years and will be competing with and against players in the following three groups:

  • Session 1 at 10am - 2029 / 2028 / 2027.
  • Session 2 at 12pm - 2026 / 2025 Blue.
  • Session 3 at 2pm - 2025 Gold / 2024 / 2023.

The attached Player Waiver must be completed prior to participation.


Arrival Guidelines. Players should be dressed in game uniform with all equipment prior to entering the field and should bring their own water.  Entry onto the field is only through the entrance gate where safety screening will take place.  NO BAGS on the field. Please arrive on time but no earlier than 15 minutes prior to game time to allow outgoing teams to exit safely and to limit traffic and parking congestion. 

Parking.   It is recommended to park in the lower area and walk up to the field to minimize traffic congestion and to limit risk of balls hitting your car in the parking lot. Our 7v7 games will be played horizontally so missed shots could fly into the parking lot.

Exit Guidelines. To offer a safe transition between sessions, it is important for players to exit the field area promptly after their games are complete. 

Field Access.  Only participating players, coaches, and select volunteers (scorekeeper, refs, etc.) will be allowed inside the fenced field area.  

Spectators.  The Calverton School requires spectators and non-players to have visible masks at all times.  In addition, State and Cannons safety protocol require spectators and non-players to maintain safe distancing while attending these events.  Please comply with these safety requirements so coaches and administrators do not have to take time away from players to enforce safety guidelines off the field.  If you feel that you cannot comply with these safety protocols, we ask that you not attend games.  

Spectator Safety.  For safety purposes and to avoid being hit with stray shots, please avoid standing behind the goals.

Please help us to leave the facility better than we found it by reminding players to gather their trash, water bottles and equipment when departing.  As always, we appreciate your support of our players and our Cannons program and wish each of you a Happy and Healthy 2021!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the field!  Bundle up :)

Warmest regards,

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