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A Message from Cannons Select Lacrosse
Safety Measures for Summer 2020 Cannons Events
May 29, 2020


Cannons Select is committed to safely running lacrosse activities during the summer of 2020.  In order to make that happen, it is important that we all agree that the safety of our players and coaches is our first priority and agree that we will all work together to support that goal.

All Cannons Select activities are 100% voluntary and participation is at the discretion of each participant and his guardians.  Cannons Select leadership has developed a structure to provide summer lacrosse opportunities using the safety measures outlined below and with consideration to State of Maryland Guidance for resuming youth sport activities.

Summer 2020 will look dramatically different than our typical summer of seasons past.  Tournament participation, skills sessions, and even the drills we run will reflect the requirements and guidelines established to maintain a safe environment.  Regardless, we are 100% focused on offering opportunities to enhance lacrosse fundamentals and IQ. We are fortunate all Cannons activities and events take place outdoors in very large areas, making social distancing practical. If additional safety measures are required as we move forward, our Cannons organization will adjust accordingly.

Below is a summary of the measures Cannons Select will implement for summer activities. These measures will be reviewed with each coach and all players.  In addition, parents are required to sign an updated waiver prior to participation in any upcoming Cannons Select activities.  The Waiver is attached and is also available on our Cannons website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mike or Erna, and we will answer your questions to the best of our ability. Please understand this is a rapidly evolving situation.  We ask all families to review the measures below and to help us return to play safely by following these measures.


Mike Colaianni
Cannons Select Lacrosse 
Erna Casalino
Communications Director
Cannons Select Lacrosse



Summer Event Participation

  • Attendance at Cannons Select activities is voluntary. Practices will take the form of skills sessions and will focus on fundamental skills, speed and agility, and player development.  Though practices are not mandatory, we ask families to provide advance notice to coaches if players will miss skills sessions or activities to better help coaches plan.
  • A completed parent Waiver is required prior to attending any Cannons activities.  (Waiver Attached)


Safety Measures

  • Social Distancing guidelines will be enforced both on and off the field.  Social distancing means individuals maintain a distance of at least six feet from one another.
  • Arriving to the field:
    • Players must arrive to Cannons Select activities with FULL GEAR ON and should go direct from their vehicle to the designated field entrance when ready.
    • Players should leave lacrosse bags and personal items in the car. 
      NOTE: Individual water is required as a personal item and should be brought onto the practice field along with any required medical devices (e.g. inhaler).
    • Prior to entering the field, players and coaches will be asked five (5) verbal screening questions in accordance with State of Maryland Guidance.  If a player or coach answers yes to any of the questions (cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, exposure to COVID-19), he will not be able to participate and will be immediately excused from the area.  For younger players (elementary school players), a parent must be present for the questions.
  • Exiting the field:
    • Players are required to leave Cannons Select activities with FULL GEAR ON from the designated field exit. Coaches will release players at the end of practice in a staggered manner to maintain social distancing.
    • Players shall proceed directly to vehicles and may not congregate on the field or in the parking area.
  • All players, coaches, staff, and spectators shall practice social distancing of six feet – particularly in common areas and parking lots. There will be no gathering before or after practice until social distancing restrictions are lifted. (See Grays Field Updates)
  • All team discussions will take place outdoors and at a safe distance to allow for separation between players and coaches. There will be NO indoor meetings.
  • To lessen the number of people at our activities, we strongly encourage a maximum of one parent per player to attend.
  • Players may not share equipment.
  • Water breaks will occur individually, where each player will break to a location that observes social distance from other players. Water bottles should not be shared between individuals.
  • Players and coaches must refrain from non-competitive physical contact (huddles, handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, or any group celebrations).
  • To the maximum extent possible, Cannons Select will stagger incoming/outgoing usage of facilities, to allow for increased social distancing and to adhere to current restrictions on group sizes.
  • For Cannons Select activities, all spectators, coaches, staff, and players must have a face mask available in the event they are in close proximity to others.  Players should not wear facemasks when competing on the field, but should have one available in the car or the lacrosse bag in case needed.
  • Players are encouraged to have personal hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes in the car or in their lacrosse bag to clean hands and equipment before and after each skill session.

Additional Updates for Grays Field Facility:

  • Parking: Please leave an empty “car space” between vehicles when parking. Practices will be staggered to afford plenty of parking area.
  • The Port-a-John at Grays Field is CLOSED until further notice.  Players and families should use the bathroom prior to attending practice.
  • The picnic table area and clubhouse are CLOSED until further notice to encourage social distancing.  No group tents allowed.  Personal shade tents and umbrellas are permitted.
  • Spectators who would like to stay at Grays Field during practices are invited to bring a personal chair from home and sit in front of their cars in the parking area.  If spectators exercise the “sit in front of your car” rule, it helps us observe the 6’ social distancing requirement.  If spectators are more comfortable staying in their cars, we understand that choice too.

Safety Representatives

  • Cannons Select practice will have a Safety Representative present at the facility to monitor practices and to help enforce safety measures.  Safety Representatives will typically be Cannons Select coaches whose teams are not practicing.  We appreciate everyone strictly observing our safety measures and we thank you in advance for supporting any requests by a Safety Representative.

If Players are Sick

  • If players are sick or recovering from being sick on the day of a Cannons Select activity (e.g., fever, coughing, sneezing, sniffles, or don’t feel well), please do not attend the activity and notify player’s coach.
  • Anyone repeatedly sneezing or coughing may be asked to immediately leave the facility / activity and we appreciate parents understanding this precaution.
  • If a player or household member receives a positive COVID-19 test, family must immediately notify Erna Casalino (Cannons Staff) via email or phone.  Cannons Select will immediately notify the Health Department and a notification will be sent to the team involved.  The impacted individual will not be permitted to return to Cannons activities until appropriate clearance is provided.

Youth Sports Best Practices

For your information, below is the link to State of Maryland Youth Sports COVID-19 Best Practices. 


Required before attending any Cannons activities

In pdf format for easy downloading

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